The child burn should be treated in hospital as soon as possible.

The other day, my daughter walk around me and I dropped my iron to her legs.
Fortunately, the burn scar has already disappear, but I want to memorize this incident for the future.
Playing Hospital

At first my daughter did not even notice if the iron touched her leg or not.
and looks no wound and she does not care about it.
but the time passed a bit. her leg getting red. and I realized the iron hit my daughter’s right leg.
But she does not care about it at all, so I just cool her leg by wet towel, and just leave it alone.
And next day, the red point of her leg seems getting black from red, the surface of skin getting wounded. It looks the burnt scar is proceeding.
and after two days, my wife brought my daughter to the hospital, and got scold by Doctor, saying “Why not you bring her earlier”

    Child burnt scar is sometimes left long time, even life time long. so it should be cure as soon as possible.

We got the paste drug, and use it every day.
and after a week, the skin come back but a bit scar still left.
even though now, 3 month later from the accident,the scar is still there.
Fortunately this time the scar is on the leg, it is not on the face, but this became critical lesson learn for myself and my daughter.
So if you faced same situation, do not hesitate to call a doctor. I strongly recommend it as soon as possible.

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